IMG_0329Hey friends.  Do you remember your senior high school graduation pics?  Were they at some studio (with some old guy) who contorted you into all sorts of ridiculous poses in front of fake backgrounds?  If your like me, then the images showed up with your face so airbrushed that you no longer had any lines…at all.  And now when you look back on it how do you feel?

I was asked to do a senior session, and my first reaction NO!  But then I thought, what if I could bring my style of shooting to a senior.  What if I could create real moments, capture exactly who this person is, and what makes them THEM at this stage in their life.

Meet Alaina.  Instead of going to a stuffy studio, Alaina and I explored Minneapolis.  Instead of contrived poses she twirled in the tall grass, played with her hair, and laughed (like really laughed).

I hope that when Alaina looks back on these, she can remember the confident, beautiful, young women she was.  That instead of cringing she would smile, knowing that this was HER…and look, she was magical!



One thought on “Alaina

  1. What a wonderful day! You captured her spirit. Love every one of these pictures. Thank you for being brave and accepting my request to take her senior pics.

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