Steph & Nicole

Nicole&Steph0032I always tell couples that where they choose to take their pictures is important.  Don’t pick a pretty park that you have never been to because you saw someone else’s pictures there once and thought they looked great.  Yes, most likely you will look great too.  But we can do more then that.  I want these pictures to hold a piece of you, not just how you looked that day, but how you felt.  What places hold stories for you?

Nicole and Steph have known each other since they were 8.  They grew up as best friends and now, decades later will be marrying each other August.  For their session we watched the sunrise on the shore, and than hiked into the woods.  Not just any woods but a forest plantation Nicole’s mom had helped build.

Here was their sacred space, amongst the tall trees.  Sheltered beneath the pines Steph and Nicole shared their story of long lasting friendship, and love, and long distances, and adventures as we celebrated THEM in this place.



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